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Meet the Makers


The 13th Edition of the Holiday HandMade Market features a carefully curated roster of 200 Canadian Makers!

With 1000s of one-of-a-kind handmade products and loads of artisan-made goodness all at one convenient location, you can shop local AND handmade this Holiday Season.

NOTE: Tickets to the Holiday HandMade Market must be pre-purchased online in advance.


Accessories Handstand Headbands
Handstand Headbands
Accessories Klutz Mega Korp.
Klutz Mega Korp.
Accessories Old Soul Project
Old Soul Project
Accessories Sew Good and Beyond
Sew Good and Beyond
Accessories Siena Vida
Siena Vida
Accessories Vixens & Fox
Vixens & Fox
Accessories Wicked Lovely Creations
Wicked Lovely Creations


Art Anna Whitmore Art
Anna Whitmore Art
Art Ethel Voronkova
Ethel Voronkova
Art Goodfairyart
Art Hidden Hive Studio
Hidden Hive Studio
Art Knot Really Art
Knot Really Art
Art MEMOmosaics
Art Painted with Wine
Painted with Wine
Art Rooted All Natural
Rooted All Natural
Art Rose and Wool
Rose and Wool
Art Studio Beulah
Studio Beulah
Art WhiteSpace Design Communications
WhiteSpace Design Communications

Baby & Kids

Baby & Kids Alphacritters
Baby & Kids Curiously Krafting
Curiously Krafting
Baby & Kids Five Little Wildlings
Five Little Wildlings
Baby & Kids Ham and Cricket
Ham and Cricket
Baby & Kids Jenny Coomber Designs
Jenny Coomber Designs
Baby & Kids Monimon
Baby & Kids Silk Imagination
Silk Imagination
Baby & Kids The CroChic Shop
The CroChic Shop


Bags Beebydesign
Bags Carnival of Kitsch
Carnival of Kitsch
Bags Goodfarken
Bags Past Into New
Past Into New
Bags Sweet Seamz
Sweet Seamz

Bath & Body

Bath & Body Amber Earth
Amber Earth
Bath & Body Bless soins corporels naturels
Bless soins corporels naturels
Bath & Body Ellingwood Soap Company
Ellingwood Soap Company
Bath & Body Fresh Mayhem Soap
Fresh Mayhem Soap
Bath & Body Gilli Naturals
Gilli Naturals
Bath & Body Lip Service Beauty
Lip Service Beauty
Bath & Body Lovebee Products
Lovebee Products
Bath & Body Prettykind Limited
Prettykind Limited
Bath & Body Sarah's Soaps
Sarah's Soaps
Bath & Body Springwater Naturals
Springwater Naturals
Bath & Body Two Sisters Naturals
Two Sisters Naturals
Bath & Body Uniquely Pure
Uniquely Pure


Candles Koze Kandles
Koze Kandles
Candles Lelik Craft Design
Lelik Craft Design
Candles Soft & Still Co.
Soft & Still Co.
Candles The Scented Market Inc.
The Scented Market Inc.
Candles Trim the Wick
Trim the Wick


Ceramics BIDU Living
BIDU Living
Ceramics fire & flux Studios
fire & flux Studios
Ceramics Firestone Pottery
Firestone Pottery
Ceramics Monique Mulder-Wallace Pottery
Monique Mulder-Wallace Pottery
Ceramics Mt. Prospect Studio
Mt. Prospect Studio
Ceramics Olenaceramics
Ceramics Patrick Yeung Ceramics
Patrick Yeung Ceramics
Ceramics RJ Pottery
RJ Pottery
Ceramics Sean Robinson Ceramics
Sean Robinson Ceramics
Ceramics SKIM Ceramics
SKIM Ceramics
Ceramics Together Ceramics
Together Ceramics


Clothing BeeAtelier
Clothing DejaVu Textiles+Design
DejaVu Textiles+Design
Clothing Desserts and Skirts
Desserts and Skirts
Clothing Ecolove
Clothing Ellemairco
Clothing Embody Clothing & Accessories
Embody Clothing & Accessories
Clothing Feretale
Clothing Infinity Scarves by Janet
Infinity Scarves by Janet
Clothing Inspiration Vintage
Inspiration Vintage
Clothing Jexy & Jax
Jexy & Jax
Clothing Moose Creek Co.
Moose Creek Co.
Clothing Patty's Gals
Patty's Gals
Clothing Paul Brodie
Paul Brodie
Clothing Pink Polkadot Designs
Pink Polkadot Designs
Clothing Rueneau
Clothing The French Laundry
The French Laundry
Clothing Worth


Food 70 Below Treats
70 Below Treats
Food Della Terra | Fresh Olive Oil & Balsamic Tasting Bar
Della Terra | Fresh Olive Oil & Balsamic Tasting Bar
Food Cathy's Kombucha
Cathy's Kombucha
Food Food 4 Life Ltd
Food 4 Life Ltd
Food Fudge Apothecary & Beer Nut Co.
Fudge Apothecary & Beer Nut Co.
Food Funky Funghi Gourmet Mushroom
Funky Funghi Gourmet Mushroom
Food Fury Hot Sauce
Fury Hot Sauce
Food Happy Bees Apiary
Happy Bees Apiary
Food Infusion Organic Tea
Infusion Organic Tea
Food Kinsip House of Fine Spirits
Kinsip House of Fine Spirits
Food Kopi Thyme
Kopi Thyme
Food Little Shop of Lobsters
Little Shop of Lobsters
Food Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co.
Maiden Voyage Cocktail Co.
Food Malty & Hoppy Delicacy
Malty & Hoppy Delicacy
Food Master Indian Spice
Master Indian Spice
Food Mi Cocina Foods
Mi Cocina Foods
Food Mitchell's Soup Co.
Mitchell's Soup Co.
Food My Tea Brew
My Tea Brew
Food Nolaas Keto, Gluten Free & Vegan Bakeshop
Nolaas Keto, Gluten Free & Vegan Bakeshop
Food Ontario Honey Creations
Ontario Honey Creations
Food Pepper Tree Spice Co.
Pepper Tree Spice Co.
Food Provisions Food Company
Provisions Food Company
Food salt + MUSTARD
salt + MUSTARD
Food Sheena’s Scottish Shortbread
Sheena’s Scottish Shortbread
Food Shriner's Creek Kettle Popcorn
Shriner's Creek Kettle Popcorn
Food Sucré Confectionery
Sucré Confectionery
Food Superior Meats
Superior Meats


Glass Glass By Jo
Glass By Jo
Glass Michelle Bosveld Glass
Michelle Bosveld Glass
Glass One Piece At A Time Mosaic Design By Dawn
One Piece At A Time Mosaic Design By Dawn

Home Décor

Home Décor All through the House
All through the House
Home Décor Artfully Recycled
Artfully Recycled
Home Décor Barrel Hill
Barrel Hill
Home Décor Eleanor Rosa Felt
Eleanor Rosa Felt
Home Décor Generational Design Ltd.
Generational Design Ltd.
Home Décor Jeannie B Photo Chalkboards
Jeannie B Photo Chalkboards
Home Décor JemBrook Designs
JemBrook Designs
Home Décor Lumberchino
Home Décor MekanaKana
Home Décor Nicnakknits
Home Décor Pink Lemon Decor
Pink Lemon Decor
Home Décor Prim Heirloom Designs
Prim Heirloom Designs
Home Décor Richer Design Co.
Richer Design Co.
Home Décor Rocks Afire
Rocks Afire
Home Décor Spiritualfunk
Home Décor Taurus Terrazzo Homewares
Taurus Terrazzo Homewares
Home Décor The Social Butterfly
The Social Butterfly

Jewellery (Fashion)

Jewellery (Fashion) Asil Designs
Asil Designs
Jewellery (Fashion) Bella Buddha Beads
Bella Buddha Beads
Jewellery (Fashion) Hazel Earth Design
Hazel Earth Design
Jewellery (Fashion) Jeelee Joolery
Jeelee Joolery
Jewellery (Fashion) Mint Jewellery
Mint Jewellery
Jewellery (Fashion) Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Hand Crafted Jewelry
Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Hand Crafted Jewelry
Jewellery (Fashion) Ross Carr Jewellery
Ross Carr Jewellery
Jewellery (Fashion) Sue B Designs
Sue B Designs
Jewellery (Fashion) Temino Jewellery
Temino Jewellery
Jewellery (Fashion) The Spring Moon
The Spring Moon
Jewellery (Fashion) Three Peas Design Co.
Three Peas Design Co.

Jewellery (Fine)

Jewellery (Fine) Aleksandra Jewellery
Aleksandra Jewellery
Jewellery (Fine) Colleen Poitras - Pretty.Rocker.Chic.
Colleen Poitras - Pretty.Rocker.Chic.
Jewellery (Fine) Corey Treacy Designs
Corey Treacy Designs
Jewellery (Fine) Dianne Rodger Jewellery
Dianne Rodger Jewellery
Jewellery (Fine) Firepan Jewellery Designs
Firepan Jewellery Designs
Jewellery (Fine) Jump 4 Jewels
Jump 4 Jewels
Jewellery (Fine) Nancy Ciccone
Nancy Ciccone
Jewellery (Fine) Ochre Metals
Ochre Metals
Jewellery (Fine) R.W. Studios
R.W. Studios
Jewellery (Fine) VC Jewellery
VC Jewellery


Knits Hipknitized
Knits Knitterme and Company
Knitterme and Company
Knits Northern Maple Yarn Designs
Northern Maple Yarn Designs
Knits Rough Bark Knits
Rough Bark Knits
Knits WestCo


Leather Carvergirl Leather Co.
Carvergirl Leather Co.
Leather Lope Leather Company
Lope Leather Company
Leather Maple Rose Leather
Maple Rose Leather
Leather Sadelmager


Metal Jen Lipski Fine Art
Jen Lipski Fine Art
Metal MDMetalworx
Metal Nathan Rode Workshop
Nathan Rode Workshop
Metal Tom's RiDICKulous Things
Tom's RiDICKulous Things


Miscellaneous AKUKU
Miscellaneous Karinya Botanicals
Karinya Botanicals
Miscellaneous Oh Beehive Beeswax Wraps
Oh Beehive Beeswax Wraps
Miscellaneous Riverbend Mandalas
Riverbend Mandalas
Miscellaneous Road to Happy
Road to Happy
Miscellaneous Serenity Flaxseed Pillows
Serenity Flaxseed Pillows
Miscellaneous Spoons and Brooms
Spoons and Brooms
Miscellaneous Ukrainian Eggs by Angela
Ukrainian Eggs by Angela


Paper Alicia's Infinity
Alicia's Infinity
Paper It's OK. It's ART.
It's OK. It's ART.
Paper Paperbec Design Co.
Paperbec Design Co.
Paper paperscript
Paper The Critter Co.
The Critter Co.


Pets dog gone gear
dog gone gear
Pets Victor's Treats
Victor's Treats


Photography Christine Hess Photography
Christine Hess Photography
Photography Scarfone Imaging
Scarfone Imaging

Stained Glass

Stained Glass Country Stained Glass
Country Stained Glass


Textiles Alpaca Time Inc.
Alpaca Time Inc.
Textiles chris liszak designs
chris liszak designs
Textiles Gossling Organics
Gossling Organics
Textiles Kitchen Cat Textiles
Kitchen Cat Textiles
Textiles Nautilos
Textiles Yasmine Louis
Yasmine Louis


Wood Baker Street Creations
Baker Street Creations
Wood Cam Lavers Designs Inc.
Cam Lavers Designs Inc.
Wood Crosswind Creations Inc.
Crosswind Creations Inc.
Wood Dezigned for U
Dezigned for U
Wood found apples
found apples
Wood Northbrook Studio
Northbrook Studio
Wood Papa's Pens by Bill
Papa's Pens by Bill
Wood Whistler Woodcraft
Whistler Woodcraft
Wood WildWood Designs & Milling
WildWood Designs & Milling
Wood wood. by julia
wood. by julia

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