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Online HandMade MarketPlace
Application Guidelines

Before diving into the application process for the OHMMP, please ensure you've read our detailed FAQ.


2020 Dates and Deadlines

July 17, 2020 - OHMMP application goes live
July 31, 2020 - OHMMP application closes
August 7, 2020 - OHMMP status notifications begin / payments due within 5 days of notification


The HandMade Market accepts applications from all Canadian-based makers, artisans, visual artists and small cottage industry businesses across all creative disciplines that meet our curation criteria and the general ethos of the HandMade Market. It is mandatory that all of our artisans are the creators and designers of their products.

Curation Considerations

We get many questions from artisans wondering what they could “do better” to increase their chance of being curated into one of our markets. Curating is a complicated process and often it is not for one reason, but several, that we may decline your application and/or place you on a waiting list.

We hope the following information will help shed some light on our processes.

Product Relevance: This is where we consider how your product will be received by our HMM guests. Will they find it interesting? Does it meet a unique need? Is it satisfying a hankering for a current trend? How does your product align with today’s fashion sense or collective ethos?  Does your product connect with today’s marketplace?

The Right Fit: The HMM has a very distinct clientele. We’d have nothing without our fabulous and loyal guests spending their hard earned cash on your work. To make and keep our guests happy, we select artisans who have the most appeal specifically to them. If you are interested in discovering more about our HMM guests, talk to other artisans who have been to the HMM and/or come and visit an HMM and discover for yourself!

Originality: Originality is important. If you are known to be purposefully copying the creative work of another artisan, the HMM is not for you.

Photography: Your photos must be high resolution. Do they tell a clear story of your product and your process? Details are important. We use these images for marketing purposes, so the better you look, the better we look. Professional shots are not mandatory, but they certainly help the cause.

Category Saturation: We can’t control the number of applications we get ‘per category’ and when we have high demand for a fixed number of spaces, the competition can be stiff in certain areas. At times, even the most qualified of artisans won’t be curated into the HMM because of category saturation. We really don’t relish turning down great talent, but at the same time, we feel privileged to be choosing from among the best.

Buy and Sell: We don’t accept artisans who are purchasing and selling through third party sourcing under any circumstances. No exceptions.

Canadian Only:We do not accept or curate applications containing products or work manufactured/produced outside of Canada; products or work imported for resale; products or work who's primary ingredients are manufactured/produced outside of Canada; any Fair trade products or works.

How to Apply/What to Submit

Applications must be submitted online. The link to the application will be at the bottom of this page

Before you click the 'apply' button, you'll want to prepare ahead by gathering up your images and text content!

Your product images *MUST* be high-resolution marketing-ready at a min. of 1250px wide / max. 2500px wide (height is irrelevant). Product photos will be used for marketing purposes, so use your absolute best product shots.

To be considered and curated, applications must be completed in full.

IMPORTANT: Our receipt of your application does not guarantee or imply you have secured a spot.

All completed applications meeting our criteria will be curated and notified of acceptance, decline or wait list status by email.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have been accepted to participate in the online market series and your payment has been processed, there are no refunds or credits offered for cancellations.

If, for any reason, we cancel any or all four of the online markets we have scheduled, you will be offered a refund for each individual ‘event’ that is cancelled.

Did you read the FAQ??

Before diving into the application process for the OHMMP, please ensure you've read our detailed FAQ.



**IMPORTANT**: There is a 2 hour security time-out on the application, so, before you click below to start the application process, we highly recommend that you gather up all your text and images (using guidelines above) so that you will not face any time constraint issues.

Being prepared will make the application process go much smoother for you. If the application times out before you complete it, you'll need to reload the page and start over.

Ready? Click below to apply now!